Change the way your organization approaches security

Empower your organization to approach security actively

“I’ve only seen security systems like Intrinsic available to the military before. Using it has allowed us to step up our security guarantees.”
Dr. Manuel Cebrian
Research Scientist, MIT

Intrinsic for Executives

Intrinsic changes how your whole organization approaches security. We empower organizations to think proactively by enabling you to prevent attacks rather than chase after them. We make it easy for you to focus on your product while maintaining top of the line security.

Empowering development teams

With Intrinsic, developers think actively about the application's attack surface while maintaining their productivity.

Development and security teams working as one

With Intrinsic's code policies, security and development teams work closer together, leading to faster development cycles.

Use open-source code safely

Intrinsic enables organizations to use third-party code safely, as we restrict all code to perform exactly as you expect it to.

Data flow control

Enforce, with precision, where your sensitive data is coming from and going to.


Intrinsic allows you to transparently view what interactions your application is performing, simplifying your road to GDPR compliance.

We don’t hinder your growth

Intrinsic is easy and scales with you. Anyone can operate Intrinsic. There's no need for extra resources when you grow.

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