A better approach to security

Define your application's exact expected behavior and Intrinsic enforces that it never deviates

AWS Lambda Code Example

Intrinsic for Engineers

Intrinsic's one-of-a-kind technology allows you to define the exact privileges of your application, drastically reducing its attack surface.

Least Privilege

Fine-grained security policies enable you to truly apply the principle of least privilege to your applications.

Easy integration

Intrinsic is just a library. Include it, write security policies, and Intrinsic works its magic.

Works with legacy code

Intrinsic is fully compatible with your legacy code. There's no need to modify pre-existing code.

Secure by construction

We don't monkey-patch. We ensure that even actively malicious code can't get around our security policy enforcement.

Deny by default

Intrinsic policies follow a whitelist approach. Only allow your application to do exactly what you want it to do.

No false positives

Unlike heuristic-based approaches, we strictly enforce policies on your application, so policy violations are 100% accurate.

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