Software security,

Intrinsic secures your sensitive data from bugs and malicious code, allowing you to run all code safely.

“Intrinsic is the best way to secure your Node.js Lambda functions, period.”
Mathew Self
VP of Engineering, Box

A smarter way to secure your Node.js applications

Intrinsic is an application runtime security technology which limits your application's privileges to exactly what is needed and nothing more. This enables you to reduce the attack surface of your application to exactly the bare minimum needed, protecting you from malicious code and zero-day attacks.

Product Overview
Reduce application attack surface


Intrinsic applies the principle of least-privilege to your application and reduces your attack surface dramatically.

Protect your sensitive resources from security threats


Intrinsic protects your sensitive resources against worst case scenarios like code injection attacks and malicious third-party modules.

Easy to deploy security


Intrinsic is just a library and is fully compatible with legacy code. There's no need to modify how you currently deploy and write your code.

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